6 Key Benefits of Linehaul Transport / Trucking

Transporting goods over long distances can be a logistical nightmare for businesses.

The complexities of coordinating shipments, managing costs and ensuring timely deliveries can often lead to headaches, inefficiencies and – in the worst cases – damages and upset customers.

However, thanks to linehaul transportation, many of these challenges aren’t something to worry about.

If you’re reading this, you may me wondering what exactly is linehaul and how it can benefit your company.

Luckily for you, linehaul offers businesses a range of benefits that streamline their supply chain operations.

Below, we’ll outline into what line haul transportation entails and explore five key advantages it offers to businesses.

What is linehaul transport?

Linehaul transport / trucking refers to the movement of goods over long distances via truck.  In Australia it generally refers to transporting over state lines however it can apply to regional Australia deliveries too.  A linehaul transport if you are talking about a FULL load, is collected from point A and transported as loaded to point B, nearly always with the same driver and certainly in the same trailer.

Unlike local transportation, which focuses on shorter distances and smaller shipments, line haul transportation is geared towards handling large volumes of freight efficiently and cost-effectively across vast geographical areas.

5 key benefits of line haul transportation

The perks of line haul transportation are vital when it comes to operational excellence.

Here are five vital benefits of linehaul transport you’ll need to know about.

  1. Quick deliveries
  2. One of the primary benefits of linehaul transportation is its ability to facilitate direct deliveries over long distances.

    As the linehaul vehicle is loaded and directly delivered, your product is not sitting in a warehouse awaiting transport and it not being handled on and off vehicles.

    Are you running behind on your monthly quota?  East Coast deliveries sent via a general pallet service can take up to 3 or 4 business days for deliveries but not with linehaul direct movement, this is reduced by half.

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Consolidating shipments into full truckloads help businesses minimise transportation expenses per unit, leading to overall cost savings.

    Do you send out pallets daily and are paying by pallet space?  Has your current linehaul carrier told you about a little secret if your daily pallets take up 10-12 pallet spaces to the one location, you might be interested to know that on some legs a dedicated full load linehaul transport will be a cheaper and certainly is more direct.

  1. Flexible routes
  2. Is your depot, delivery yard or customer in the middle of “nowhere”, this is generally a problem for general pallet services providers as they just do not deliver to that suburb or volume is so stagnant your delivery dates are screaming disaster. Not with a dedicated linehaul movement, once we have loaded our driver will be able to calculate the approx. delivery time taking their fatigue breaks into account and let you know, trust me when I say this is a lot quicker.

  1. Efficient 3PL and carrier management
  2. DSE also can help 3PL companies dispatch interstate movements between their warehouses, although this might not help the end user, it certainly helps the 3PL warehouses clear their warehouses spaces ready for their next wave of product.

  1. Improved experience for customers
  2. The benefits of line haul transportation translate into an improved experience for customers.

    Compared to 3PL the delivery happens faster, there is less risk of damage and losses with no multiple handling of your freight and offers lower cost per pallet.  It offers a reliable service, and flexible options all contribute to higher satisfaction levels among end-users.

    Just think if you have been around the transport industry for a while you of heard, seen, or been affected by the rail network breaking down.  This is not a problem if you already have your freight moving on road.

    Looking for high-quality linehaul transport for your business?

    If you’re seeking reliable and efficient linehaul transportation service for your business, look no further than the team here at DSE Transport.

    With our extensive network, commitment to excellence and exceptional communication we specialise in delivering seamless logistics solutions tailored to your unique needs.

    Whether you require dedicated truckload services, intermodal solutions, or comprehensive supply chain management, our team is ready to partner with you to optimize your transportation operations and drive business success.

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  1. Ability to make time slot deliveries
  2. Using linehaul transport / trucking enables time slotted deliveries to be made on time.  DSE Transport can work with our customer to ensure we collect the freight within adequate time to ensure it makes the time slot.

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