Bulk Trucks

Capacity. Reliability. Affordability.

Bulk Trucks
There’s only one thing you need to look for in a transport solution provider if your shipments need multiple trucks delivering to multiple locations, and that’s good old fashioned expertise, established over many years in managing large scale transport logistics. Because if you don’t insist on a top-shelf trucking company who truly knows its stuff, costs will spiral up and quality will go low.

Why DSE is the smart choice when you need bulk trucks… any size, anywhere

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Fully flexible capacity

From light rigid to heavy rigid, semi-trailers & furniture removal trucks, DSE’s fleet has your load covered, wherever it needs to go.


Reliable logistical expertise

Once we’ve made sure your load packs perfectly onto the right trucks, our leading-edge logistic expertise makes sure it’s a smooth journey.

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Unbeatable service value

If your load needs a bulk truck order, value is more important than ever… so DSE is dedicated to delivering better service with unbeatable value.

Specialist, expertly maintained trucks enable a truly customised service!

Driver-Friendly Design
Excellence in Maintenance
Laser-Focus on Efficiency

Choose the vehicle that’s right for you

1-2T Vans 1-6T Pans
  • 1-2T Vans can carry between 1-3 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 3-6 pallets
  • 6T Pans can carry between 5-10 palletsParcel
  • 01
    Light Rigid
    1-2T Flats 1-2T Utes
  • 1-2T Flats can carry 3-6 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 2-3 pallets
  • 02
    Light Rigid
    Medium Rigid
  • 4T can carry 6-8 Pallets
  • 6T can carry up to 10 pallets
  • 8T can carry up to 12 pallets
  • 03
    Medium Rigid
    Heavy Rigid
  • 10T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 12T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 14T can carry between 12-16 pallets
  • 04
    Heavy Rigid
    Semi Trailer
    Semi trailers B-Doubles
  • Semi trailers can carry 22-24 pallets
  • B-Doubles can carry up to 34 pallets
  • 05
    Semi Trailer
    Furniture Removals
    30-60 Cubic
    Furniture Removals
    Crane Trucks
    8T - Semi
  • 8T can carry up to 7m lengths
  • 12T can carry up to 9m lengths
  • Semi can carry up to 13.5m lengths
  • 07
    Crane Trucks

    *This is a guide only as there are many configurations of vehicle sizes, accessories and capacity. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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    If your business would benefit from precision-driven, highly efficient transport solutions…
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    DSE Transport have a fleet with multiple tail lifts and cranes, and we also can manage hand load/unloads. Simply give us all the information on booking to ensure we match your job to the right truck and driver.

    Absolutely, give us all the information, photos, dimensions, and we will work with you to find a solution.

    Yes, DSE Transport will find a driver and truck that is able to complete your task, we consider their working hours and fatigue to ensure we can safely complete our job.


    The short answer is yes; however, we need to know more about your freight to ensure we can do this safely and securely for you and our driver.