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Parcel Truck
The parcel truck industry is a vast market place, with huge variance in price points, standards of service and speeds of delivery offered by many suppliers. One way you can be sure your parcel trucks arrive in the fastest, most cost-efficient way possible, is to talk to DSE about our dedicated parcel fleet.

Wherever your parcels need to go, the DSE fleet will deliver.

Taxi Trucks in Sydney and Beyond

DSE Transport is your go-to source for reliable taxi trucks in Australia – Give us a call!

If you need dedicated taxi trucks for deliveries across Sydney or the entire country, you have come to the right place. Our taxi trucks are efficient and maintained to the highest standards. And the best part? The truck and driver are available for you to hire out on a contractual basis. We are a dedicated carrier which means its only your freight on board from pickup to delivery. Take a closer look at our taxi truck vehicle options below. Do you already know what kind of taxi truck you need? Get a quote today.

Taxi Truck Vehicle Options

DSE Transport has the variety of taxi trucks necessary to help you move anything from small parcels to bulky equipment.

Our parcel vans and pantech’s range in size from two tonnes to six tonnes with the capacity for up to 10 pallets. Light rigid utes and flats will carry similar amounts, while our heftier medium and heavy rigid vehicles take it up a notch with the ability to carry up to 14 tonnes and 16 pallets. Choose a flat tray top when you need flexibility for awkwardly sized items or a walled pantech for more security.

If you are moving a large volume of freight, you can’t go wrong with a spacious semi-trailer, B-double, or tautliner. Our semis carry between 22 and 24 pallets, and the B-doubles can carry up to 34 pallets. For the highest strength-to-weight pallet ratio and convenient side curtain loading, look no further than the tautliner.

Do you need specialists to haul your furniture? Our 30- to 60-cubic-metre pans will help you move even the most sensitive items with care.

Reasons to Get Your Taxi Truck from DSE Transport

To get the right taxi truck for your business, call DSE Transport in Huntingwood, NSW, at

National Accessibility

The DSE Transport headquarters is based in Sydney, with offices all over Australia, including major cities – Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Wherever you are, we can get you a taxi truck to transport your deliveries where they need to go.

Range of Vehicles

As you can see in our taxi truck vehicle options above, DSE Transport provides every type of delivery vehicle you could need, from two-tonne trucks to heavy B-doubles. If you have a particular type of taxi truck in mind and don’t think we have it, just ask us; we are here to help.

Logistics Expertise

Without skilled drivers and efficient supply chains, a taxi truck will not reach its full potential. If you tell us your needs, we will help you find the specific vehicle that will best meet your requirements. For instance, if you require oversized piping to be delivered, we will customise a truck with support poles to ensure your freight is secure in transit.

Sterling Reputation

For over 30 years now, DSE Transport has made a name for itself supplying the best taxi trucks in Australia. Our quality and operation transparency sets our taxi truck service apart from the rest.

Specialist, expertly maintained trucks enable a truly customised service!

Driver-Friendly Design
Excellence in Maintenance
Laser-Focus on Efficiency

Choose the vehicle that’s right for you

1-2T Vans 1-6T Pans
  • 1-2T Vans can carry between 1-3 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 3-6 pallets
  • 6T Pans can carry between 5-10 palletsParcel
  • 01
    Light Rigid
    1-2T Flats 1-2T Utes
  • 1-2T Flats can carry 3-6 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 2-3 pallets
  • 02
    Light Rigid
    Medium Rigid
  • 4T can carry 6-8 Pallets
  • 6T can carry up to 10 pallets
  • 8T can carry up to 12 pallets
  • 03
    Medium Rigid
    Heavy Rigid
  • 10T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 12T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 14T can carry between 12-16 pallets
  • 04
    Heavy Rigid
    Semi Trailer
    Semi trailers B-Doubles
  • Semi trailers can carry 22-24 pallets
  • B-Doubles can carry up to 34 pallets
  • 05
    Semi Trailer
    Furniture Removals
    30-60 Cubic
    Furniture Removals
    Crane Trucks
    8T - Semi
  • 8T can carry up to 7m lengths
  • 12T can carry up to 9m lengths
  • Semi can carry up to 13.5m lengths
  • 07
    Crane Trucks

    *This is a guide only as there are many configurations of vehicle sizes, accessories and capacity. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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