Our Team

Our Team

Ryan Howison

Managing Director

Meet Ryan, our multi-talented Managing Director and business owner, the ultimate guru of all things DSE. He’s been at it since 2007, and let’s just say, he’s seen it all. With a heart that beats for IT and a knack for solving user’s issues, Ryan is the go-to guy for tech solutions that seem impossible. But it’s not all about ones and zeros with Ryan. He’s a man of many running-related talents – running a business with finesse, running after three energetic young kids, and even running in races at a snail-like pace. And let’s not forget his legendary talent for running after his elusive golf ball. It’s like a magical magnet that always finds its way back to him, even in the most challenging roughs (sometimes with strange initials on it). And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, Ryan is on a relentless quest to add yet another feather to his cap – a degree in law. Because why not tackle the complexities of legal academia while running a business, chasing kids, and perfecting his golf swing? It’s all in a day’s work for this chap. So, whether you’re in need of tech expertise, parenting wisdom, golfing tales, or legal insights, Ryan is your go-to guy. He’s a true maestro of multitasking, and we’re privileged to have him at the helm of our ship.

Mitchell Sherry

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Mitchell, our seasoned NSW State Manager at DSE, boasting 16 years of invaluable experience with us. Mitchell is passionate about operations and excels in problem-solving. When he’s not leading our team to success, you’ll find him cheering for his favourite NBA and NRL teams, The Golden State Warriors, and the St George Illawarra Dragons. He combines his love for sports with his commitment to excellence.

Nick Papadopoulos

Chief Operating Officer

Nick is our dedicated National Senior Business Manager, with over a decade of invaluable experience at our transport company. His journey with us has been a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Nick’s passion for travel shines through in his work, as he approaches every challenge with the same adventurous spirit that fuels his wanderlust. Throughout his tenure, Nick has consistently demonstrated his work ethic and problem-solving skills. He’s the driving force behind the success of our operations in Victoria, ensuring that we provide top-notch transportation services to our clients. Beyond the corporate realm, he’s a fervent supporter of Melbourne Victory and Adelaide Crows, the heart of his sporting passion. His unwavering enthusiasm for his football teams mirrors his dedication to his professional role. Nick’s leadership, combined with his dedication and love for the transport industry, makes him an invaluable part of our team. With his experience and passion, Nick continues to play a pivotal role in our ongoing success.

Jo Bertram

Head of People & Culture

Jo is our passionate, friendly, engaging People & Culture leader who refuses to say how long she’s been in the HR game because people would then count backwards to try and work out her age. She is passionate about people, what’s fair and right, and having policies and procedures in place to keep everyone in line. She has no time for football, or actually any ball sports come to think of it. Fashion and op shopping though, is a whole different ballgame and one in which Jo excels.

State / Linehaul Managers

DSE Transport State Manager Jamie Hynes in Perth, Australia, has contributed his expertise for almost six years.

Jamie Hynes

State Manager

Jamie Hynes is the dedicated State Manager of DSE Transport in Perth, Australia, where he has contributed his expertise for nearly six years. Originally hailing from England, Jamie’s journey to success has been marked by dedication and passion for both his career and personal pursuits. Jamie’s early life saw him pursuing his love for football, and he seized the opportunity to complete secondary school through a football scholarship. This experience not only nurtured his talent in the game but also instilled a strong work ethic and determination that would serve him well in his future endeavors. After emigrating to Australia, Jamie continued his educational journey by studying Business Management. With a degree in hand, he embarked on a career in the Transport & Logistics industry. His hard work and commitment have allowed him to rise through the ranks and ultimately assume the role of State Manager. Outside of his professional life, Jamie cherishes spending quality time with his family. He’s a passionate football enthusiast who not only played the sport but also enjoys watching his three children as they excel in their chosen sporting codes and activities. Jamie’s dedication to both work and family showcases his well-rounded and fulfilling life. Jamie continues to be a valuable asset to the team and remains deeply passionate about the company’s achievements and the impact it makes in the industry. His commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, is a testament to his character and determination.

Matt Cherry

State Manager

Matthew Cherry is a seasoned logistics professional with a remarkable career spanning 25 years, currently serving as the State Manager in Queensland (QLD) for DSE. His dedication, commitment, and extensive industry knowledge have made him an invaluable asset to the organization over the past three years. With a career that has seen him in various logistics industry roles, Matthew has gained a wealth of experience in supply chain management, process optimization, and quality assurance. His journey through the logistics landscape has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the industry’s intricate workings, helping him deliver exceptional results in his current role. Beyond his professional life, Matthew is a proud father of two, emphasizing his commitment to family and the importance of work-life balance. He cherishes the moments spent with loved ones and finds inspiration in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for his children. Matthew’s passion for sports is another defining aspect of his life. He is an avid fan of the Brisbane Broncos, a beloved Queensland rugby league team, and the Golden State Warriors, a powerhouse in the NBA. These sports allegiances showcase his enthusiasm for both local and international sports, and he revels in the excitement and camaraderie they bring. In his leisure time, Matthew enjoys poker, a game that perfectly complements his competitive nature. His strategic thinking and tactical skills shine through in this recreational pursuit, adding yet another layer to his dynamic personality. Driven by his competitive spirit, Matthew Cherry embodies the values of dedication, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his life. He remains a force to be reckoned with in the logistics industry and a dedicated family man who embraces the joys of sports and friendly competition.

Paul Richardson

Linehaul Manager

Paul is the National Linehaul Manager at DSE Transport, where he has devoted the past five years to transport operations with a strong commitment to a customer-centric approach. In his professional world, it extends beyond the mere movement of goods; it’s about fostering enduring relationships and consistently surpassing expectations. Outside the realm of the transport industry, Paul’s fervent support lies with the Canberra Raiders, a team whose emphasis on teamwork aligns with his own life philosophy. An enthusiastic runner, driven by resilience and endurance, he firmly believes in the importance of not only being important but also being kind to others. Known for his penchant for taking care of those around him, ensuring a good time, and often being the life of the party—some have even dubbed him a comedian, though opinions on that vary. His one and only son, Julian, remains his closest confidant and a constant source of fascination. Within DSE Transport, Paul is more than just a manager; he is a passionate advocate for exceptional service and unforgettable experiences. Together, he looks forward to making every journey a fantastic one.


DSE Transport Customer Service Supervisor Andrew Murray coordinates warehouse activities, ensuring timely deliveries.

Andrew Murray

Customer Service Supervisor

Andrew is our efficient Warehouse and Customer Service Supervisor known for his seamless coordination of warehouse activities in the mornings. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for organisation, he ensures the smooth operation of the warehouse, guaranteeing timely deliveries and satisfied customers. Andrew’s days are a whirlwind of customer and driver enquiries, all handled with unwavering patience. Beyond his professional role, Andrew is a passionate supporter of the Sydney Swans. His love for the game is as dedicated as his approach to managing the warehouse – steadfast and enthusiastic. And his secret passion is his love for exploring the world of gourmet donuts, always ready to share his latest sweet discoveries with the team. Just as donuts are diverse in flavours, Andrew understands the diverse needs of customers, tailoring his responses to create a personalised experience, just like a perfect donut recipe.


Julie Tauetama


With a remarkable career spanning three decades in the warehousing and logistics industries, Julie Tauetama stands as an unwavering Administration Superstar, making invaluable contributions in her role at DSE for the past 2.5 years. At DSE, Julie’s impact is undeniable. Her dedication to maintaining streamlined administrative processes and ensuring efficient operations is a cornerstone of the company’s success. Whether it’s managing complex logistics documentation, coordinating with various teams, or addressing the multifaceted needs of the industry, Julie’s proficiency is evident in her every task. Having spent three decades honing her administrative prowess in the warehousing and logistics sectors, Julie’s experience is unrivaled. Her ability to adapt to evolving industry standards and leverage technology to drive efficiency is a testament to her forward-thinking approach. Julie Tauetama is an advocate for professional growth and development. She has a keen interest in staying updated with the latest trends and technologies that influence administrative practices within the industry. Her commitment to excellence and continuous learning sets a remarkable example for her peers. Julie is not just an Administration Superstar; she is a dedicated professional who has left an indelible mark on the warehousing and logistics sectors. Her unparalleled experience, expertise, and commitment to operational excellence continue to propel DSE to new heights. Outside of her professional accomplishments, Julie is a keen Rugby Union fan and supports her favourite team the New Zealand All Blacks. Julie also plays netball and enjoys spending time with her family.

Kate Ali

Office Manager

Kate has been a part of the Transport Industry for over 17 years. She joined the DSE team with the integration of ITS and is our newly appointed Office Manager. Kate’s role as Office Manager is varied and ranges from ensuring our policies and procedures run smoothly and efficiently, overseeing internal tasks, working to create an inclusive and happy working environment for all staff including our drivers, and the list goes on. Kate is a big asset to our company and is always there for those in need, jumps into every role and excels in them exceptionally. Kate is definitely not afraid of a challenge and sure knows how to go above and beyond to be there for her colleagues. Her passion for the people around her is reflected in her love for her family, including her 9 month old son who shares the same beaming smile as Kate. If she’s not working hard for DSE or chasing her little one around, you’ll find her at the piano playing some chords and singing along, enjoying some fresh air on a local river walk or relaxing while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on repeat with her hubby. Bringing a positive attitude and a big smile on her face daily, Kate is a delight to have as a part of the DSE family.

Lisa Bichel


Lisa’s journey at DSE has been an odyssey of many years, but her life beyond the office is where the real adventure unfolds. While she’s often immersed in the world of accounts and spreadsheets, there’s a wild and untamed side to Lisa that craves the great outdoors. With her family of four, they’ve embarked on epic journeys across Australia in their trusty caravan. Lisa’s two children are true sports enthusiasts, dabbling in everything from netball and soccer to running, and excelling in every event they tackle. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Lisa and her hubby share a passion for home redesign. When the weekend rolls around, you’ll find them transforming houses, revamping landscapes, and even giving bedrooms a whole new lease on life. It’s a skill that might just trace its roots back to the architect buried deep within Lisa, a testament to her ability to seamlessly navigate between the worlds of trucks, administration, logistics, and creative home transformation. The adventures of Lisa and her family are a thrilling ride from spreadsheets to wild landscapes and back again.

Rebekah Jones

Administration Manager

Rebekah is our highly skilled Administration Manager with an impressive career spanning more than a decade, beginning in February 2010. In her role as an Administration Manager, Rebekah has consistently demonstrated her ability to manage complex administrative tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Her proficiency in handling numbers and data is a key asset to her team and organization, ensuring that financial and administrative records are always precise and error-free. In addition to her thriving career, Rebekah is a loving mother to her daughter. Her dedication to her family is reflected in her ability to balance her professional life with her responsibilities as a parent. She cherishes quality time spent with her daughter and instils the same values of attention to detail, precision, and a love for the beach in her child. Rebekah’s commitment to excellence, keen eye for detail, and passion for numbers make her a valuable asset in the field of administration management, contributing to the success of DSE Transport.


DSE Transport Senior Business Development Manager, Brett Howison, is a man of many talents and passions.

Brett Howison

Senior Business Development Manager

Brett is a man of many talents and passions and has had an incredible journey in the world of business with a heart that beats for family. He is a proud supporter of the Parramatta Eels and a true family enthusiast. Brett also manages to swing a mean ping-pong paddle. You could call him the Ping-Pong Prodigy of Western Sydney, but don’t let that fool you; he’s not one to drop the ball when it comes to business. He’s not only a loving father but also a doting grandfather. His children and grandchildren light up his life like nothing else. Whether it’s sharing a meal, attending family gatherings, or simply enjoying quality time, they’re the source of his greatest joy. So, when he’s not cheering for the Eels, cherishing family time, or serving up killer ping-pong shots, Brett is out there, making waves in the business world. And as the Senior Business Development Manager, he’s got a quote he lives by: No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking. It’s safe to say that with Brett on board, every problem that comes his way is in for a whirlwind of creative and strategic solutions.

Jeff Hayes

National Business Development Manager

The one and only Jeff Hayes, the man with a heart as big as his appetite for life! He’s a people person through and through, and rumour has it he can strike up a conversation with a lamppost and make it feel interesting. With a portfolio of customer-friends that rivals the phone book in size (well, the phone book from back when those were a thing), Jeff has been cultivating these relationships for years. And let me tell you, he enjoys every moment of it. He’s the kind of guy who knows what you had for breakfast before you do, and he genuinely cares about it. He’s no slouch when it comes to sports either. In his prime, Jeff was a sportsman extraordinaire, but nowadays, you’re more likely to find him in a grazing paddock, munching away contentedly. They say the secret to success is a well-fed spirit, right? Representing his beloved DSE, Jeff prides himself on his honesty and integrity and wears his badge of honour with pride! Despite some past health hiccups, he’s determined to stick around like gum on a shoe, continuing his journey with the company for years to come.

Renee Howison

Customer Service Manager

Renee’s journey with DSE began during her formative teenage years. Over time, she’s dabbled in nearly every aspect of the business, except for truck driving. The mere thought of manoeuvring the treacherous Botany to Smithfield route on a Friday afternoon was enough to ensure she never upgraded her driving licence. Within the DSE landscape, Renee’s role often veers towards troubleshooting, conjuring up innovative solutions, or tackling those elusive tasks that manage to slip through the cracks of the weekly agenda. Her approach to problem-solving is nothing short of unique, although it has been known to raise a few eyebrows with its out-of-the-box charm. After a brief hiatus, Renee decided to rejoin DSE a couple of years ago, and she was in for a surprise. The IT capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds. Now, she’s a proud member of an IT team that’s revolutionising the transport sector. When she’s not tackling tech challenges, Renee’s life is filled with the joys and chaos of her children, the antics of her poodles, and the sunny shores in the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Kirsty Beedle

Marketing Manager

Kirsty Beedle, affectionately known as the Queen Bee, a standout figure celebrated for her exceptional blend of wit, creative prowess, and pivotal role in steering the DSE Marketing department over the past decade. Beyond her professional achievements, Kirsty is renowned for her unwavering commitment as a team player, whether on the softball field or in the office. Her passion for organising corporate events is only rivalled by her occasional mischievous antics with her Photoshop skills. Kirsty’s loyalty to her beloved West Tigers team is inspiring. Despite the team’s struggles over the years, she remains a dedicated fan, supporting them through thick and thin. Her unwavering devotion to those pussy cats is a testament to her loyalty and commitment. The DSE Queen Bee, is a multifaceted individual, a source of laughter, an embodiment of loyalty, and the guardian of the DSE Brand.

Robert McGilvray

Business Development

I have had the privilege to be in and around the DSE family since about 2003 and have worked in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I have had various roles, just doing what is needed at any given time. Inhouse I give myself the title of gofer and am very happy to do just that. I love meeting new people, whether prospective new customers or new drivers. Outside of work I’m a family man which consumes much of my time and I love it. We go on regular holidays, bushwalking adventures, to the beach, to the local parks or have dance parties at home. I love watching sports, particularly NRL. I am loyal to my teams, but I just like to see a good game and am happy to congratulate the better team on the day should we lose. My passion at work or at home is to leave people with a good taste in their mouth after every conversation or interaction. I don’t always get it right, so I also use sorry regularly. I have a dream/goal to climb the highest mountain in every state, QLD, NSW and TAS done, 5 to go wish me luck.
DSE Transport Business Development Manager, Steve McMahon, is a transport industry veteran with 45 years of experience.

Steve McMahon

Business Development Manager

With 45 years of experience in the transport industry, I’ve navigated the highways and byways of business development and account management like a seasoned pro. In 1978, I tied the knot, and my journey as a family man began. My trio of daughters has since expanded to include six lively grandchildren and three adorable great-grandchildren, ensuring life is always filled with laughter and love. Off the clock, I trade spreadsheets for scorecards, enjoying rounds of golf with a regular handicap of 22 – a sport where every swing is an adventure. And let’s not forget my passionate support for the Panthers, who are chasing that elusive third straight premiership, a thrilling quest that mirrors the ups and downs of my own professional journey. Here’s to many more years of adventure on and off the green and roaring for the Panthers!

Sophy Nassar

State Sales Manager

Sophy, the state sales manager, seamlessly juggles her professional duties in Adelaide, nurturing new business ventures and maintaining strong relationships with existing customers. Known for her infectious positivity and approachable demeanour, she embodies warmth and professionalism in the corporate realm.

Beyond her day job, Sophy’s after-hours persona takes a delightful twist. While many unwind after work, Sophie slips into a different role altogether. She exchanges her business attire for a microphone and steps into Adelaide’s comedy scene, where her sharp wit and comedic timing captivate audiences.

Adding to her charm is her loyal companion, a spirited Beagle who joins her on adventures. This furry friend not only brings joy to Sophy’s personal life but also serves as a reminder of her balanced approach to work and play. 


DSE Transport's National Safety Manager, Alan Miller, is a devoted Dalmatian enthusiast and safety advocate.

Alan Miller

National Safety Manager

Meet Alan, our safety boss and the ultimate Dalmatian devotee! When he’s not ensuring our workplace is hazard-free, he’s busy chasing after his mischievous Dalmatian sidekick, Dakota. Alan’s love for travel is legendary – he once tried to fit his entire bookshelf into a suitcase, claiming they needed a vacation too. You can spot him on any given weekend, daydreaming about jet-setting to far-off places. Speaking of reading, Alan’s book collection rivals that of a small library. His idea of heaven is a cozy nook, a good book, and a bowl of spicy Tom Yum soup. If only books could drive, he’d have that Porsche 911 parked in his driveway by now. In meetings, Alan is the one who insists on a “safe” agenda, but don’t be fooled – he’s the mastermind behind every office prank. It’s all part of his grand plan to keep our workplace both safe and filled with laughter. So, here’s to Alan, the safety czar with a soft spot for Dalmatians and a spicy sense of humour!

Alex Papadopoulos

Fleet Manager

Alex is the embodiment of perseverance and dedication in the world of transport. Starting as a humble driver’s offsider, Alex embarked on a remarkable journey within the company, steadily climbing the ladder to his current role as Fleet Manager. He immersed himself in every aspect of the business, acquiring invaluable skills and insights along the way. Alex’s days are a whirlwind of scheduling, route optimisation, and ensuring our trucks are always road-ready. He keeps our fleet in tip-top shape from the largest semi-trucks to the nimblest vans. But when the clock strikes weekend warrior, Alex transforms into a mountain-biking marvel, taking on trails like a squirrel on a sugar high. And when not scaling hills on two wheels, Alex’s second love becomes his trusty steed – the famous VPAPZ Mitsubishi Evo. Alex’s meticulous approach to compliance, combined with his operational acumen, has not only optimised the fleet but also enhanced safety protocols and reduced risks.

Bruce Smith

Operations Supervisor – AM

Bruce is a dedicated member of the NSW Operations team. With a remarkable 15-year history as a loyal DSE customer before joining our team, he possesses an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and an innate understanding of what our customers truly need. Bruce goes above and beyond to ensure our customers’ expectations are not just met but exceeded. His commitment to providing exceptional service is unmatched, and if you ever need someone to deliver top-notch results or reach something of the top shelf, Bruce is the one to turn to. Never one to shy away from a conversation, Bruce’s vibrant energy for both work and life is contagious. His enthusiasm resonates with colleagues and customers alike, creating a positive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and fosters strong relationships. Bruce’s extensive experience and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset to our team. With him on board, we can always count on exceptional service and a work environment filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Bruce truly embodies the spirit of our company, where customer satisfaction and teamwork are at the forefront of what we do.

Bryan Hayden

Fleet Allocator

Bryan Hayden is a new Fleet Allocator with a rich history of contributions to the warehousing and logistics industries over the past 9 years. With half a year of dedicated service at DSE, Bryan has already demonstrated his prowess in optimizing fleet operations and ensuring a smooth, efficient supply chain. In his role as Fleet Allocator, Bryan brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to his daily tasks. He is responsible for coordinating and allocating the right resources to meet delivery schedules, manage fleet capacity, and respond to dynamic logistics challenges. Bryan’s commitment to precision and his ability to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the industry have been invaluable to DSE. Beyond his achievements in the logistics sector, Bryan Hayden is known for his passion for Camping, Hiking, Reading and Tabletop games. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and can often be found at his local café. In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, Bryan is not just a Fleet Allocator; he is a trusted logistics professional who continues to make an indelible mark on the industry. His dedication, experience, and results-oriented approach contribute to the ongoing success of DSE and the broader logistics community.
DSE Transport Operations Manager, Cindy Massaro, ensures seamless company operations. Her attention keeps everything on track

Cindy Massaro

Operations Manager

Cindy, our Operation Manager extraordinaire. Cindy is the maestro behind the scenes, ensuring our company’s gears turn seamlessly. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, Cindy keeps our day-to-day operations running like a well-oiled machine. When she’s not optimising workflows, Cindy uses her super power turning a room from chaos to Zen in record time, armed with her vacuum cleaner and a feather duster. Yes, a clean freak, with her real partners-in-cleanliness LuLu and Charli, her cavoodle co-conspirators. She has a warm and compassionate nature, as evidenced by her regular plasma and blood donations, which she does every month. In the world of operations, Cindy is the compass guiding us through the maze, making sure we reach our destination with precision and a smile.
DSE Transport Operations Coordinator, David Forsythe, joins as a new member. He looks forward to contributing positively.

David Forsythe

Operations Coordinator

David is thrilled to be a part of the DSE Transport team as a new member. Possessing a fervent love for Moto GP, snowboarding, and traveling, he brings a spirit of adventure and excitement to both his personal and professional endeavours. Outside of his work in the transport industry, he can be found passionately cheering for his favorite Moto GP riders or skilfully manoeuvring through fresh powder on a snowboard. Exploring new destinations and immersing himself in diverse cultures serves as a profound wellspring of inspiration. During weekends, he values and enjoys spending valuable moments with his family and friends, crafting enduring memories and relishing their companionship. With an unyielding enthusiasm for life and a steadfast dedication to excellence, he is eager to utilize his talents and contribute positively within the DSE family.
DSE Transport Operations Supervisor Edward Farley brings 25 years of transport industry experience to his role.


Edward Farley

Operations Supervisor

Ed has been a dedicated member of the DSE Transport team for the past two and a half years. With an extensive 25-year background in the transport industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Beyond his professional life, Ed’s passion for automobiles is evident, particularly his affection for his mini, which he enjoys taking out for drives whenever possible. An avid fan of Formula 1, he closely follows the thrilling races and supports his favourite teams and drivers. When he’s not immersed in the world of transport or motorsports, Ed treasures spending quality time with his family and grandchildren, as their presence brings immense joy and fulfillment to his life. Ed’s strong dedication to his profession and deep appreciation for the things that matter most drive him to make a positive impact both within and outside the transport industry.

Jatin Dhal

Interstate Freight Manager

Jatin is our Interstate Navigator Extraordinaire! As the Interstate Freight Manager, Jatin is the captain of our cross-country journey, charting a course for success. With a map in hand and a knack for logistics, Jatin ensures our interstate operations run like a well-oiled machine. From coordinating deliveries across state lines to optimizing routes for efficiency, he’s the one who keeps everything on the road. Jatin’s days are a whirlwind of interstate regulations, truck schedules, and keeping an eagle eye on the open highway. He’s our go-to expert when it comes to tackling the challenges of long-haul transportation. But beyond the road atlas, you’ll find Jatin chasing his two-wheeled dreams on the open road. Motorbikes are his first love, and he has a soft spot for classic cars that’s almost as big as his helmet collection. In the world of interstate freight management, Jatin is the captain steering us towards success, mile by mile.

Josh Collins

Operations Supervisor – PM

Josh, passionate Roosters fan and gym enthusiast. His passion for Transport only overshadowed by his love for a cheeky KFC feed!

Matt Erbacher

Fleet Manager

Matthew Erbacher is a dedicated Fleet Manager with a passion for excellence in the logistics industry. With 13 years of diverse experience in logistics roles, he brings a wealth of expertise to his current position at DSE. Over the past 2 years, Matthew has consistently demonstrated his commitment to optimizing fleet operations, ensuring safety and compliance, and delivering cost-effective solutions. With a strong focus on continuous improvement and a dedication to exceeding industry standards, Matthew is recognized for his ability to adapt to evolving logistics challenges and find innovative solutions. His passion for optimizing fleet efficiency and his commitment to safety make him an invaluable asset to DSE and the broader logistics community. When he’s not managing logistics, Matthew enjoys immersing himself in a variety of hobbies. He is an avid enthusiast of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), a world of imagination and strategy that allows him to explore new realms and narratives. As a 4WDing aficionado, he relishes the thrill of off-road adventures, discovering the beauty of nature in remote locations. Additionally, Matthew finds solace in fishing, appreciating the serene moments by the water and the excitement of the catch. Matthew is not just a fleet manager but a forward-thinking logistics professional who is making a lasting impact on the industry. His dedication, expertise, and results-oriented approach continue to propel DSE to new heights in the logistics sector.

Melissa Arkins

Operations & Administration Officer

Meet Melissa, better known around the office as Mel. She’s new to the crew, one of the quiet ones, but always here if you need a hand. Chilling with the guys in operations, she is one of the friendly voices you’ll hear when you give us a call. Outside of work she has many roles, the main one a Mum, but not just to her daughter but to the 3 teams she coaches for Netball as well as being the Club Treasurer, you could say she never stops! She’s is analytical, friendly and always busy, but never too busy to help you when you choose to use DSE!
DSE Transport Compliance and Recruitment Officer Paul Russell, 2IC, brings 20+ years of experience in transport.

Paul Russell

Compliance & Recruitment

Paul Russell is currently Managing Compliance and Recruitment, amongst other projects within the Queensland office. As 2IC, his role is to ‘do what needs to be done’. With his positive attitude and demeanour, along with his 20 plus years of experience in the Transport industry, Paul brings a lot of skills to the business; from Operations, Customer Service, Computer Skills, Compliance, Administration and Learning & Development (to name a few). Paul is always looking at ways to Continuously Improve either himself or the business and is not shy to put forward an idea or two. When he is not working, Paul loves to play Golf, or hang out with beautiful partner and 3 kids. Family and friends are a large and important part of Paul’s life, so he enjoys this time immensely. There seems to be no better place to do this than 4WD Camping in the bush, or Holidaying on Stradbroke Island. Music and Podcasts take up the majority of his time in the car, and when at home, he loves cooking whilst he watches all of the Superhero movies or Baseball on TV.

Rebecca Tumminia

Administration Officer

Rebecca Tumminia is our little pocket rocket who always goes above and beyond. With her highly skilled Administration background, Rebecca is responsible for the processing and invoicing of all jobs and ensures billing is completed correctly and on time. Bec T (or B2 as we all know and lover her) has been in the Transport Industry for over 5 years and joined our team when the integration of ITS occurred. Rebecca brings life to the party and is never afraid to make noise. Her ability to make not only our internal staff but drivers and customers feel appreciated and part of something important is second to none! Customer service excellence is her goal and she succeed exceptionally well.

Richard Abernethie

Business Development Manager

Richard boasts a remarkable three-decade journey in the world of transport, having served as both a contractor and an employee in a range of diverse roles. However, beyond his deep involvement in the transport industry, there are several facets that define his passions and interests. An ardent food lover, Richard is a connoisseur of both culinary craftsmanship and dining experiences. Cooking and savoring delectable dishes are pastimes he cherishes, and he often finds joy in satisfying the culinary preferences of his beautiful family—comprising his lovely partner and three adoring daughters, each with their own favorite dishes that they eagerly request. Richard’s enthusiasm extends to the world of cue sports. In his leisure time, you can often find him engaged in thrilling games of Snooker and Pool, where he not only enjoys the sport but also possesses a natural flair for it. As a current Sydney darts champion, it’s clear that he has a penchant for indoor sports. When it comes to footy, Richard’s loyalties lie with the West Tigers and any Australian team, reflecting his passion for the sport. His diverse interests, coupled with his extensive experience in the transport industry, make him a well-rounded individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and zest for life to our team.

Rob Faamoe

Linehaul Supervisor

Meet Rob, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the transport industry. Rob is your go-to colleague for all things transport, and he’s known for his easy-going nature and exceptional communication skills. But Rob’s life isn’t just about work; he’s all about family and his church friends. When he’s not ensuring that everything runs smoothly, you can find him immersed in his passion for gospel music. Rob’s loyalty extends to his favorite teams, the Penrith Panthers and the All Blacks, which mirror his commitment to excellence in the transport world. What sets Rob apart is his remarkable attention to detail and his unwavering can-do attitude. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it’s in the office or out on the road. Rob’s true calling lies in building strong relationships, be it with customers or drivers. For him, their happiness is the top priority, and he goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is content and satisfied. With Rob around, you can trust that your transport needs will be met with care, precision, and a genuine passion for delivering outstanding service.

Shaaren McGilvray

Business Support Manager

Shaaren’s journey is nothing short of exhilarating! She traded in her mundane accounting career for a thrilling adventure at DSE, where she joined forces with the visionary founder, her brother, Scott. In 2002, she embarked on an electrifying quest by spearheading the QLD Franchise. What started as a humble operation from the confines of her home soon skyrocketed to grander locations, all while working alongside a dynamic team of incredibly talented staff and drivers. While Shaaren occasionally has to lay down the law, she thrives on the excitement of transforming the work environment into a lively and joyful hub. As retirement approaches, her world is brimming with excitement. Shaaren is all set to explore the globe, whether it’s with her loyal canine companions or on her own. But the real thrill lies in the prospect of spending quality time with her extensive, ever-growing family. The journey continues, and every step promises new adventures!
DSE Transport Linehaul Coordinator Todd Wiltshire is known for being easy-going and up for new challenges.

Todd Wiltshire

Linehaul Coordinator

Meet Todd, he works for DSE Linehaul, he is easy going always up for something new and challenging, Has been know as a bit of a pest but easy going none the less, If you require help he is happy to do so if he can, Sports interests are NRL and Cricket among some


David Prakash

IT Technical Consultant

Dave, our in-house IT expert, brings unmatched tech proficiency to the team. He’s a dedicated runner, conquering the City2Surf with the same determination he uses to troubleshoot IT issues – no challenge is too big. With a strong loyalty to the Bulldogs and an active role in his church community, Dave’s diverse interests mirror his ability to navigate various tech solutions. He follows a straightforward mantra: If it’s not working, turn it off and on, swiftly resolving issues and keeping everything running smoothly. Dave’s multifaceted approach and problem-solving skills make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Faraz Khan

IT Manager

Faraz has been part of the DSE family since the director was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’, his commitment to DSE, the ins and outs of our IT code and ensuring DSE stays ahead of the technology in the world in second to none. In the early days when Faraz resided in Australia, he would come into the office on closing time, you always knew he was ‘puling an all-nighter’ when he carried a loaf of bread with him. Faraz loves his family, he loves his Rugby 7s particularly the Fiji National team.