Transport and Logistics Company, Melbourne

Transport Companies in Melbourne

The handling of transport and logistics is an important hurdle for any business to overcome. After all, if you can’t effectively distribute your product to your customers, it won’t be easy to make a profit.

At DSE Transport, we’re here to help you deliver your goods with comprehensive and cost-effective supply chain management solutions. Whether you operate in Melbourne, Australia, or beyond, our state-of-the-art fleet will provide the vehicles you need to move and transport your goods, with plans customised to your specifications.

Out of the many transport companies in Melbourne from which you can choose, we want DSE Transport to be your go-to. We are one of the most trusted taxi truck hire companies in Melbourne for a reason: Keeping your business running smoothly is our highest priority.

To that end, we offer a wide range of truck sizes and configurations for your convenience. Our smallest parcel trucks can haul as little as one pallet for small, fragile, or high-priority deliveries, while our largest semi-trailers can haul up to 34 pallets of your best goods. We can even handle taxi truck management if your special cargo needs a professional, hands-on approach.

Because we work to customise your order to your exact specifications, you can mix and match your truck orders to handle different cargo. We also offer easily accessible repeat hires, making it simple to deliver your products from Melbourne to Sydney weekly, monthly, or as often as you need.

If you need something transported quickly or carefully, but you don’t have enough for a full truckload, we can take care of you here, too. We offer LTL deliveries as needed, regardless of when or where you need us to deliver your load.

When we say we can deliver it regardless of when or where, we really mean it! At DSE Transport, we are a national company operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and many other areas nationwide.

Few freight companies offer the flexibility in scheduling, price, and truck selection that we do at DSE Transport. We employ an expert logistics team, professional truck drivers, and highly attentive customer support agents to accomplish this feat.

However, we pay special attention to our cutting-edge fleet of delivery trucks. Having a long list of quality vehicles in several different sizes keeps our delivery options flexible and adaptable to any customer.

We occasionally update or change our list of taxi truck fleet vehicles to make sure we’re meeting our customers’ needs. Currently, we offer options in the following categories:

  • parcel
  • light rigid
  • medium rigid
  • heavy rigid
  • semi-trailer
  • furniture removal.

For a full breakdown of the customised services we can provide, call our specialists at (03) 9464 4605 today.

Leading-Edge Online Portal

We want DSE Transport to stand apart from the competition in the eyes of our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering a full-service portal for customers to use. Our leading-edge online platform allows you to:

  • choose your vehicles
  • settle the delivery details
  • even pay for the job all in one place.

You can even perform the following from any device:

  • track your DSE deliveries
  • see compliance checks in real-time
  • manage invoices
  • check proof of delivery notifications.

Another way we set ourselves apart is by going above and beyond when it comes to safety. Our team members adhere rigorously to all rules and regulations, both at the national and company levels. Our dedication to excellence and perfection extends to you, the customer, with a seamless and stress-free delivery experience.

No matter what route you need to take to get your goods to their destination, we have a solution to do it right, with everything from interstate linehaul to intrastate parcel deliveries. Don’t forget—we offer all this at the most cost-effective rates on the market!

Logistics Companies in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a logistics company in Melbourne, Australia, keep in mind that not all logistic companies are created equal. Our logistics and warehousing teams at DSE Transport specialise in cutting-edge solutions that will keep your business thriving, regardless of whether you need:

  • taxi truck hire
  • 3rd party logistics
  • on-demand deliveries
  • dedicated delivery trucks with only your cargo
  • bulk shipments.

We think that working closely with the customer is one of the keys to operating a successful logistics business. After all, if the customer’s needs don’t get completely fulfilled, that means we’ve failed to do our job satisfactorily.

We know that transport and logistics work can be complicated, expensive, and stressful. That’s why our various teams at DSE Transport work together to handle the complex planning for you, minimise your expenses, and keep you up-to-date every step of the way. Not only do we treat your cargo with the respect it deserves, but we’ll treat you with that same deference.

Across Australia to Major Cities and Rural Areas, Too

At DSE Transport, we’re especially suited to growing along with you and your business. Our DSE Transport deliver from:

  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Melbourne to Perth
  • Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Melbourne to many other cities in-between.

No matter where in Australia you deliver, we can help you get there.

As one of the largest and most trusted logistics and transport companies in the nation, we don’t just service Australia’s largest cities. Our logistics solution delivers to many small towns and rural areas across Australia, as well.

With DSE Transport’ flexibility to deliver virtually anywhere, you’ll never find yourself unprepared for an unexpected business change or opportunity.

While we have a long-distance fleet handy for your convenience, that doesn’t mean you can’t save with our short-range options. At DSE Transport, we also handle large and small deliveries at the local level quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

If you’re not sure where to get started, why not get a custom quote from our DSE Transport Melbourne office? Call us at (03) 9464 4605 today, and we’ll help craft the exact solution to maximise your profits and delivery speed while minimising stress. When you call, you’ll speak to an actual DSE team member who will walk you through all of the taxi truck hire solutions we offer.

Choose the vehicle that’s right for you

1-2T Vans 1-6T Pans
  • 1-2T Vans can carry between 1-3 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 3-6 pallets
  • 6T Pans can carry between 5-10 palletsParcel
  • 01
    Light Rigid
    1-2T Flats 1-2T Utes
  • 1-2T Flats can carry 3-6 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 2-3 pallets
  • 02
    Light Rigid
    Medium Rigid
  • 4T can carry 6-8 Pallets
  • 6T can carry up to 10 pallets
  • 8T can carry up to 12 pallets
  • 03
    Medium Rigid
    Heavy Rigid
  • 10T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 12T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 14T can carry between 12-16 pallets
  • 04
    Heavy Rigid
    Semi Trailer
    Semi trailers B-Doubles
  • Semi trailers can carry 22-24 pallets
  • B-Doubles can carry up to 34 pallets
  • 05
    Semi Trailer
    Furniture Removals
    30-60 Cubic
    Furniture Removals
    Crane Trucks
    8T - Semi
  • 8T can carry up to 7m lengths
  • 12T can carry up to 9m lengths
  • Semi can carry up to 13.5m lengths
  • 07
    Crane Trucks

    *This is a guide only as there are many configurations of vehicle sizes, accessories and capacity. Please get in touch with us for more information.