Taxi Trucks

Capacity. Reliability. Affordability.

Taxi Trucks

A driver and a truck, at your service, as needed. 

If you need to get your goods from one point to another, taxi trucks are the smarter choice. You get a truck and a driver, whether that be a regular service, a one off or as needed. 

Our Drivers Will Get Things Done

The best thing about a taxi truck is the driver that comes along with the service. If you want to guarantee that your goods go to where they need to as efficiently as possible, our professional, punctual and courteous team can help. 

Our aim will always be to keep clients happy, and our taxi trucks can be trusted for the job.

Plenty of Vehicle Choices

DSE has a large variety of trucks, enough to help you move everything from small parcels to larger equipment, depending on your needs. 

Your options include parcel vans and Pantech trucks that range from two to six tonnes and can hold up to ten pallet spaces. In addition, we have light rigid utes and flat tray tops  

We also cover medium and heavy rigid vehicles which carry up to 14 tonnes /16 pallets, and semi / b-double tautliners that carry between 22-34 pallets. 

If you need guidance on what type of truck would best suit you and your load, feel free to contact us anytime. 

Reasons To Choose a Taxi Truck

In short, a taxi truck is an effortless way to get your items from one place to another. You don’t need a truck driving license, nor do you have to worry about the unloading, you can simply hire the truck and the job is handled.

Another reason is that there’s no lock in contracts involved, a taxi truck is similar to a regular taxi you’d use to get you home after a night out. When you need one, you can simply call. If there’s a certain size truck you want, make sure to book ahead so you don’t miss out!

DSE Is the Best In The Business

With 30 years in the business, DSE Transport knows how to make the transport hiring process easy. Their well-trained staff put emphasis on good communication, meaning you know where your goods are at all times and you can get a hold of their drivers if you need to. 

This, alongside their quick and easy booking system means that all the effort is taken off your shoulders, all you need to do is trust the team at DSE to do what they’ve been doing for decades now, and transport your goods with less fuss.

Choose the vehicle that’s right for you

1-2T Vans 1-6T Pans
  • 1-2T Vans can carry between 1-3 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 3-6 pallets
  • 6T Pans can carry between 5-10 palletsParcel
  • 01
    Light Rigid
    1-2T Flats 1-2T Utes
  • 1-2T Flats can carry 3-6 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 2-3 pallets
  • 02
    Light Rigid
    Medium Rigid
  • 4T can carry 6-8 Pallets
  • 6T can carry up to 10 pallets
  • 8T can carry up to 12 pallets
  • 03
    Medium Rigid
    Heavy Rigid
  • 10T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 12T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 14T can carry between 12-16 pallets
  • 04
    Heavy Rigid
    Semi Trailer
    Semi trailers B-Doubles
  • Semi trailers can carry 22-24 pallets
  • B-Doubles can carry up to 34 pallets
  • 05
    Semi Trailer
    Furniture Removals
    30-60 Cubic
    Furniture Removals
    Crane Trucks
    8T - Semi
  • 8T can carry up to 7m lengths
  • 12T can carry up to 9m lengths
  • Semi can carry up to 13.5m lengths
  • 07
    Crane Trucks

    *This is a guide only as there are many configurations of vehicle sizes, accessories and capacity. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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    Yes, all our offices cater for your dedicated trucks into regional Australia.  We also do have ability to move your pallet movements in regional areas in a consolidated service, please note consolidation service to these areas are using a trusted transport partner.

    Yes, DSE Transport will find a driver and truck that is able to complete your task, we consider their working hours and fatigue to ensure we can safely complete our job.

    The short answer is yes; however, we need to know more about your freight to ensure we can do this safely and securely for you and our driver.

    DSE Transport have a fleet with multiple tail lifts and cranes, and we also can manage hand load/unloads. Simply give us all the information on booking to ensure we match your job to the right truck and driver.