Ryan Howison

Managing Director

Meet Ryan, our multi-talented Managing Director and business owner, the ultimate guru of all things DSE. He's been at it since 2007, and let's just say, he's seen it all. With a heart that beats for IT and a knack for solving user's issues, Ryan is the go-to guy for tech solutions that seem impossible. But it's not all about ones and zeros with Ryan. He's a man of many running-related talents – running a business with finesse, running after three energetic young kids, and even running in races at a snail-like pace. And let's not forget his legendary talent for running after his elusive golf ball. It's like a magical magnet that always finds its way back to him, even in the most challenging roughs (sometimes with strange initials on it). And if all that wasn't impressive enough, Ryan is on a relentless quest to add yet another feather to his cap – a degree in law. Because why not tackle the complexities of legal academia while running a business, chasing kids, and perfecting his golf swing? It's all in a day's work for this chap. So, whether you're in need of tech expertise, parenting wisdom, golfing tales, or legal insights, Ryan is your go-to guy. He's a true maestro of multitasking, and we're privileged to have him at the helm of our ship.